Never Read

The Mac App giving you peace of mind by cleaning your "read later" backlog for you.

The Problem.

Never Read lifes in your menu bar.Every day we surf the web, check our Twitter timeline and gather information through numerous other services on the internet. Quite often we can't make the time to read articles we think of as being interesting to us right away. Instead we use "read later" services such as Pocket to store them for another time.

Faster than we'd like we have accumulated a tremendous amount of unread articles. This mountain of articles quickly raises to a height which makes it practically impossible to catch up. A big chunk of it probably isn't even worth reading through anymore.

The Solution.

Never Read lifes in your menu bar.Never Read is the app to help clearing the mountain of unread articles for you. It will save you from the pressure that a huge backlog of articles can have on you by deleting unread articles that are older than 30 days (or almost any other number of days you tell it to).

The idea is simple: If you haven't had time to read an article within the specified time it probably isn't interesting enough to you in the first place. The chance for you to ever going to read it trending towards zero. Never Read will delete those articles for you to give you peace of mind.

As a nice side effect the time limit introduced by Never Read will gently keep you on your toes. You're going to make the time to read those really interesting articles you've saved before if you don't want them to be deleted unread.

If you would like to keep selected articles from being deleted, simply archive or favorite them. Never Read is designed to only delete items in your "unreads" list that are not favorited. It will never touch your archives.

The Disclaimer.

Be aware that Never Read is brutal in the sense that it is actually deleting items from your account. It is not possible to restore deleted items.

I can't guarantee that Never Read will work without problems on your computer. Never Read might delete items from your account which you would have liked to keep due to misuse or program errors. I created Never Read primarily for my own use and I am offering it free of charge in case others might find it useful as well. If you download and use Never Read you do so on your own risk.